10 herbal medicines in the philippines approved by DOH

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10 herbal medicines in the philippines approved by DOH Empty 10 herbal medicines in the philippines approved by DOH

Post  kkvsflor on Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:48 am

These are the list of 10 medicinal plants that the philippine Department of health(DOH) through its "traditional health program"have endorsed.All ten herbs has been clinically proven and thoroughly tested to have its medicinal value in the relief and treatment of various ailments..

1.AKAPULKO(cassia alata)-is also known as" bayabas-bayabasan" and "ringworm bush" in english,this herbal medicine is use to treat ringworms and skin fungal infections.

2.AMPALAYA(momordica charantia)-also know as "bitter gourd" or bitter melon in english,it is mostly known as a treatment of diabetes(diabetes mellitus),for the non-insulin dependent patients.

3.BAWANG(allium sativum)-popularly known as "garlic" ,it mainly reduces cholesterol in the blood and hence,helps control blood pressure.

4.BAYABAS(psidium guajava)-"guava" in english.It is primarily used as an antiseptic,to disinfect wounds.Also,it can be use as mouthwash to treat tooth decay and gum infection.

5.LAGUNDI(vitex negundo)-known in english as the "5-leaved chaste tree".Its main use is to treat cough and asthma.

6.NIYOG-NIYOGAN(Quisqualis indica L.)-is a vine known as "chinese honey suckle".It is effective in the ellimination of intestinal worms ,particularly the ascaris and trichina.Only the dried matured leaves are medicinal-crack and ingest the dried seed for two hours before eating (5 to 7 seeds for children & 8 to 10 seeds for adults).If one dose does not elliminate worms,wait a week before repeating the dose.

7.SAMBONG(blumea balsamifera)-english name "blumea camphora".A deuretic that helps in the excretion of urinary stones.It can also be use as an edema.

8.TSAANG GUBAT(ehretia microphylla lam.)-prepared like tea.this herbal medicine is effective intreating intestinal motility,and also used as a mouthwash since the leaves of this plant has high flouride content.

9.ULASIMANG BATO/PANSIT-PANSITAN(peperomia pellucida)-It is effective in fighting arthritis and gout.the leaves can be eaten fresh (about a cupful)as a salad or tea.For the decoction,boil acup of clean chopped leaves in 2 cups of water.boil for 15-20 minutes.Strain,let it cool and drink a cup after meals(3 times a day).

10.YERBA BUENA(clinipodium douglasi)-commonly known as "peppermint",this vine is use as an analgesic to relive body aches and pain.It can be taken internally as a decoction or externally by pounding the leaves and apply directly to the affected areas...

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