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A fathers Day.... Empty A fathers Day....

Post  kkvsflor on Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:30 am

It is the tradition for us to celebrate father and mother's day,but did you notice that the mother's day is the one being truly or popularly celebrated than the father's day?
As a mother,maybe some of the reasons are,a mother they say,is the light at home,concieved the baby on her womb for 9 months before giving birth,she interacts more with the child not like the father who's busy with his daily work and when he get home,too tired to give time to his kids or just lazy and let the mother do all the things?
At present,mother and father plays the same role in a family.Mother go to work and still she can do/mannage her responsibility at home.So,it is expected for the father to do the same.
Playing ballgames doesnt give much benefits (as all father like to do with their kids)but it also help builds father-child relationship.It is said that the more father interacts with his child,the child will have the possibility to excel in her/his chosen fields,or he/she can do better at school and other activities.
Father reading stories to his child also count much,for the child can feel the love that a father is not capable of showing.It is said that a child will adore and respect his/her father if they always have time together.It's good to know too that a child listen to his/her father because of love and respect and not out of fear of being beaten or punish.(sometimes its the case)
To all fathers or fathers-to-be out there,make sure you have/give time to your family especially your kids.Plan for an outing/picnic(that will be fun!)or an adventure perhaps,for the whole family as a re-bonding together,for you are the head of a family.you should be the role model or guide,not only inside your home,but also outside the community..
HAPPY FATHER"s DAY!!!!! A fathers Day.... Herz A fathers Day.... Herz A fathers Day.... Herz

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